There are so many words to describe this little girl but nothing sums it up better than goofy and smart. She has such a wonderful, playful, cuddly personality. She is extremely intelligent and is well behaved. She is so friendly and never seems to meet a stranger. Having her around always makes me laugh and you never know what sort of goofy thing she will do next. Just like most poodles, she is a quick learner.  

Trulie is a solid and sound dog, weighing in at about 50 lbs. She is muscular and broad and has such a graceful gait.  She is a beautiful parti girl and her coat is very nice, consisting of  black and white.  The speckling and spots allow her to be more camouflage in the field. 

Trulie has proven to be a decent retriever. She surpassed my expectations in the field this dove season. She performed beautifully and got every bird she saw fall. She knows how to look for them in the sky and how to follow the bird while it is being shot so she can get the bird faster. She knows how to take directions in the field, whether we want her to go left or right to find the bird. And the most amazing thing is, I did not show her how to do it. She figured it out on her own.


DOB: August 06, 2008. She was health tested and cleared for hips, elbows, thyroid, and eyes.