Blixti is our beautiful little apricot girl. She has loads of energy that never seems to end. She has a wonderfully sweet and affectionate personality. My mom has worker hard with her in the field on her retrieiving skills. She is absolutely crazy about retrieving anything! Whether it be a ball, bumper, or bird. She always finds something to retrieve around the house or the yard. She loves to be with her people and she gets along well with everybody. She loves to race my little Chinese crested around the yard and bounce when she is happy. It is never a dull moment with her around. If you are looking for a dog with the ability to be an angel in the home and a demon in the field, this is the girl. She will produce excellent puppies with the natural drive to work and retrieve.

She has a beautiful face and a lovely, refined build. She is extremely athletic and her pups would be great for hunting/retrieving or agility, as you can see in the photo below :]

DOB: 10/30/2009