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 Here at Mesquite Brush Poodles, we are a family, not a kennel. My dogs are a permanent part of the family, and like family, they are part of everything in our lives.  They are free to explore and roam around the pastures and play as much as they desire. They all have had obedience training and they have also managed to train me! I take all my dogs out to the ponds and let them romp in the water and the mud. It is important to awaken the water retriever in poodles at a young age and they learn to love the water quickly with positive and fun exposure. Every morning we go out for a walk and to feed the horses in the pasture. The dogs really seem to enjoy this. The dogs spend are with me 100% of the time when I am home, even when I sleep! I always have several dogs that take up the whole bed before I even get to it! 

They get to explore the brush and sniff out exiting trails at our ranch in Palito Blanco, TX. They are exposed to everything possible that will benefit their well-being. They are accustom to being around many types of animals, including horses, cows, cats, goats, lizards, and whatever else they happen to meet. I love to take them to visit with other friend's dogs and have "poodle parties". Being well socialized has made them very friendly and confident dogs. This has led to a deep level of trust between us.They live both inside the house and outside. They all get to sleep in my room with me at night get to play outside during the day. You will notice that I love to take pictures of them and there are plenty for you to look at.

I fell in love with poodles when I rescued a white miniature poodle back in 2006. Lacie is a very special dog to me. She was a victim of a puppy mill and has several health problems that result from irresponsible breeders. It is very unfortunate that Lacie must suffer but it also reminds us that we must strive to produce healthy, sound dogs that will contribute to the overall wellness of the breed. After having Lacie for about a year, I decided to get her a buddy, this time, a Standard Poodle. This is when Artex came home back in 2007. After that, Trulie came to me as a gift from my parents to train as a retriever when I dove hunt. Then I got Blixti for my mom after her 17 yr old German Shepherd passed away. In 2011, I finally got another little dog to be Lacie's little buddy. I had been eying Chinese crested puppies for years and I decided that little Heidi would be a great addition to the family. So in July of 2011, I brought home a little Chinese crested powder puff puppy! And that's it for me! My life would be incomplete without them now. My dogs are my best friends and my children and the joy I receive from our relationship is more than I had ever imagined. Everyday with them is a blessing and I look forward to enjoying many years to come. The love of a dog is like no other, for a dog is a being that can truly love you more than he loves himself. Our motto is, if it comes to live with us, it will be here until the Lord calls it home. No exceptions!

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